Writers/Readers Helping Writers

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If you are a writer, I recommend you join a writers’ group. There are groups for writers of all ages. One can join an online group or a group that meets in person. I like to meet in person in some type of community center or building. Restaurants and cafes tend to be loud. Members of our group give each other constructive criticism. We need to be able to hear each other speak.

I’m the group leader of the Villa Writers. We belong to the Florida Writers Association. The motto of the Florida Writers Association is Writers Helping Writers. How can we do that other than critiquing each other works?

1. Review each others books. Every writer needs book reviews to improve his or her standing on Amazon. If you can afford to purchase a book and write a review, you are helping another writer.

2. Attend a friend’s book release party. Usually the author will offer a little swag. If you can afford to, purchase a book. If the author’s book isn’t in the genre of your choice, can it serve as a gift for a friend or relative? Would it make a nice gift to a local library? Would it be a perfect Toys for Tots gift? Your purchase could help more than one person.

3. Most conferences have a book store. Try to work it into your budget to purchase a minimum of one book from a fellow author. If we want brick and mortar books stores, readers must buy books. Writers and readers help writers.

4. If you can’t afford to buy a book, you can still help writers. Share writers’ posts on social media. Introduce your favorite authors to your friends. 

5. Sponsor or attend book chats or other book-signing events. Even if you cannot afford to buy a book, try to support writers by attending their book-signing events.

Thank you. Have a great weekend. Make time to read. Reading can take you to places you can’t afford to go.