Teenagers Image by Lockers in School

About the Author!

Are you trying to cope with loneliness, isolation, parent and relationship issues, or worse yet, a lack-of-a-relationship issue? Melody once walked in your sneakers. She read to get away from work on her family’s poultry farm and to escape the insecurities of feeling inadequate—not smart enough, pretty enough, or coordinated enough to measure up to expectations.

Melody writes books with characters she hopes you’ll find believable, relatable, and a bit quirky. Her characters in the Silent series hide in the lives and adventures of manga superheroes that populate the books they read, but they experience the real pain of high school juniors and seniors.

Do you feel clumsy, lonely, and/or geeky? You are not alone. Since she has never been able to live down her reputation as the girl who hit the driver’s education teacher’s car with the driver’s education car while learning how to parallel park, Melody considers herself an authority on klutzy.

No one ever really escapes high school is Melody’s mantra. During her years teaching, she witnessed the alienation and vulnerability of one-sided loves, the dreams crushed, the injustices, and the tragedies her students faced. Read Backpack Blues: Ignite the Fire Within to see how she gives voice to high school students, allowing them to spill their truths onto the pages. Better yet, when danger of COVID dies down, ask your local theater to produce her play, Ain’t It a Shame. You may find yourself, or a younger version of yourself, in one of her characters.

Unlike many contemporary writers, Melody writes about students living in rural America, mainly the Adirondack areas of New York and Central Florida. Melody’s No Parents Allowed set almost exclusively in a virtual reality chat room won a Gold Badge for First Place in the 2020 Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Award in the Young Adult genre. Her work in progress, a novel in verse, is set in Central Florida away from the hustle and bustle of Disney and major cities.

Do you like the Adirondack scene on Melody’s website? It’s courtesy of her photographer/writer/pickleball partner-husband, Barry.

The best way to get to know Melody is to read her books since a little of her comes out through her characters.

Award-winning author Melody Dean Dimick creates vivid wordscapes of the Adirondacks, Vermont, and Florida in her books. Dimick, the winner of three Royal Palm Literary Awards from the Florida Writers Association.