Why I’m Smiling

As it has been for most of my friends, 2020 has been a Ferris-wheel ride for me. I said Ferris wheel instead of roller coaster because I’ve had some exciting and a few down moments on Ferris wheels. In my first novel Silent Screams, one of my main characters, Layla has a scary Ferris wheel ride. 

Like most people the coronavirus has ruined many of the events I’ve planned to attend, turning them into virtual events. I’m a people person, so I was looking forward to attending our Florida Writers Association banquet next month to learn if I’d won the Young Adult Novelist award. Now, the award will be given in a virtual ceremony. I’m still hoping I’ll win. 

Even if I don’t win the Royal Palm Literary Award Competition this year, I’m going to consider myself a winner because I’m a finalist, and I acquired an agent, Joyce Sweeney. Thank you, Joyce for representing me. 

What will make 2020 memorable for you? I’d love to hear what you’re hoping to acquire.

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