Want to become a published author? Start small. Get your feet wet by submitting to a local writing contest. Don’t expect to win every time, but get used to writing to a prompt and sticking to a theme. The Florida Writers Association offers unique topics each year. This year’s topic was illusions. In the time of the Coronavirus, I have a feeling imaginations went wild. Do you like the cover of the published book. I cannot wait to read it. Does it whet your interest? Hope so.

If you decide to enter a contest, start early. Write. Write. Revise. Write. Revise. Before I enter a contest, I usually rewrite my entry 25-30 times, making sure every word counts. Words and lines count. Most contests limit the number of words and lines you may write. Stick to the rules. 

I know we are in a time when people have become sick of rules. But when entering a contest, adhere to the rules if your goal is to be a winner. I challenge you to enter a contest this year. Write, revise, write. 

Submit. Win!