Thank you for visiting my blog. Are you considering getting a vaccine or waiting for herd immunity? This morning, I tried to book an appointment for a vaccine. The experience was disappointing, but I’m not giving up.

Here in Florida, we are depending on Publix for our vaccine appointments. To book an appointment we go to the Publix grocery store website. The instructions look like this:

Coronavirus vaccine at Publix Pharmacy.

Our vaccine scheduling system is currently live, but full with other customers. There is tremendous demand for the vaccine and a limited supply, so please be patient and do not leave the page.

This page will refresh in 50 seconds.

If room becomes available, this page will display instructions on how to book an appointment.

At 6:00 this morning, I went to the site. Each county in the state of Florida displayed the number of vaccines available. Every time the page refreshed, the number of shots available dropped. By 6:50, my county was fully booked. I never saw instructions on how to book an appointment.

Flashback…On New Year’s Eve, I watched the countdown to ring in the new year. Since I’m a Pollyanna, I was optmistic life would improve. Like most people, I was happy to ring in 2021 and say goodbye to 2020. So far, 2021 has been like Ground Hog Day.

This morning, I was optimistic I’d see instructions for booking an appointment and disappointed when the instructions didn’t appear. My thoughts returned to my work-in-progress. (This is the time I usually write.) For a few minutes, I felt what it must it be like to be depressed right now. My work-in-progress deals with two young girls sharing a hospital room. One is suicidal.

This morning, I wonder what I can do to help young adults facing mental health issues during the time of the Covid pandemic and in the new normal post corona. What can we all do?

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