The First Page

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In order to acquire an agent, a publisher, and to get a reader to purchase and read a book, experts say the opening paragraph must hook the reader. In fact, pay special attention to that entire first page.

Agents frequently base their decision to accept or not to accept a submission based on the first ten pages. Peter Selgin published a book titled Your First Page. This book was recommended by an agent on the Florida Writers Association Facebook page. I purchased the book and try to hook readers with my first page.

The next paragraph is the opening paragraph of my book Blame. Does it hook you?

If you’re reading this, I’m sorry. It isn’t pretty. I
didn’t want to write about how my oh-so- normal life
jackknifed out of control, but coach said putting it on
paper is the only way to stop the nightmares. Besides, I
sure don’t want to freak out my college roommate next
year by bolting up in the middle of the night shouting,
“Don’t shoot.”

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