Techniques for Sharing Poetry

Emily Dickinson spent a lifetime writing beautiful poetry. She sometimes slipped her poems into notes to friends. She rarely published her poems. When she did, she usually did so anonymously. It wasn’t until after her death that her sister, Lavinia, found and shared Ms. Dickinson’s 1, 789 poems with the world.

Will you hide your poetry in a keepsake box, or share it with the world? If you choose to share your poems, how can you get them into the limelight?

Consider participating in a poetry slam,


read one or more of your poems at a conference, cafe, college, high school, funeral, wedding, or other event,


if you’ve published a collection of poems, consider reading a few of your poems at a book signing event,


share your poems online.

At the Southwest Florida Writers Conference in Port Charlotte on Saturday, April 13, 2019, I’m going to suggest new ways to share your poetry online. 

Attend a conference to improve your craft, meet agents and publishers, learn marketing techniques, and talk with other writers. I’ll be sharing my poems.