Take a Stand

Good Morning

Thank you for visiting my blog. Did you know January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month? Are you aware of the three types of human trafficking: Sex trafficking, Sex and Labor Trafficking, and Labor Trafficking? Are you aware that young boys are often victims of human trafficking? Are you aware that foster children and runaways are targeted?

Human trafficking was targeted at the One Voice for Volusia (the county where I live) Coalition meeting yesterday. Human trafficking is a plague on our society. As a former teacher, I’m aware that all children do not receive their basic needs. That makes them prime targets of traffickers. 

My books Silent Screams and Backpack Blues: Inspire the Fire Within target human trafficking because I was shocked at the statistics about this plague on our society. Anyone who uses children must be exposed. My work in progress will target a form of human trafficking I learned about last year. 

We all need family stability and to be accepted as we are, even if our sexual preference is not what our family prefers. We also need a home–a place of refuge and peace–no strings attached. We also have emotional needs. We must feel loved. Do you know a teen whose basic needs are not being met? He or she could be a target of a trafficker. What can you do to help stop traffickers who seek vulnerable victims?