Good Morning,

Thank you for visiting My News. In the month of August, I participate in the annual poetry postcard festival. Everyday for thirty-one days I mail a poem to one of the people on a list created by Paul Nelson, the founder.

All year, I browse for postcards. This year, the pandemic made obtaining the cards difficult, but I think I have enough postcards and ideas to send to the other poets across the United States and Canada who are on my list. In addition to mailing cards to participants, I mail postcards to my soon-to-be-ninety-three-year-old mother daily. She lives 1500 miles away.

According to Paul Nelson, “The Poetry Postcard Fest is facilitated by SPLAB (Seattle Poetics LAB) a 501 ©(3) organization founded in 1993, dedicated to "empowering people to practice poetry & deepen connections to place, self & the present moment.”

Enrollment for this year has ended, but if you are interested in participating next year, enrollment begins on September 1. There is a nominal fee. Poems are expected to be ekphrastic–spur of the moment.

At the present moment, I’m off to pen a micropoem. Today, I plan to write an elfchen, a German form of poetry. Elfchens consist of five lines and a total of eleven words.

Thank you for visiting My News. Hope you’ll visit again soon, and please consider joining next year’s festival.