Sharing Ending Note From Robert N. Macomber’s Winter 2020 Newsletter

As many of you have heard me say over the years, I strongly believe literacy is the crucial bedrock of an educated electorate and a healthy democracy. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to assist the FL Writers Foundation [FWF] in their mission to promote “literacy by enhancing writing skills and creating a love of reading in children and adults” with two unique events.
  At the FWF’s Celebrity Dinner on Wed., 14 Oct 2020 [Hilton Orlando in Altamonte Springs, FL], you’ll get a chance to savor exotic cuisines from Peter Wake’s world, and, as the host, I’ll lead you through the celebratory evening with stories, multi-lingual toasts, insider revelations, and all sorts of fun. Get your tickets today to support this effort, plus reap the added bonus of receiving one of the first released copies of my next novel, Word of Honor.  
  But that’s not all … The next day, I’m putting on a Writers Workshop about “Literary Arts and The Writing Craft.” Plan on a day full of inspirational yet practical tips and stimulating brainstorming about storyline styles, word bombs, character illuminators, plot insinuators & story punctuators; the veritable what to-do’s & not-to-do’s.
  So, if you are a writer, hope to be a writer, or want to help someone who is a writer, you’ll not want to miss this on Thursday, Oct. 15th [9am-4pm]. Sign up & support the FWF, a 501©(3).  
  2020 has proven to be busy, pleasant, and productive for me, and I am looking forward to spending time with you this year at various places around the world. In the meantime, though, I’ve got to get back to work on my three current book projects!
Onward and Upward, my friends,
Robert N. Macomber
The Boat House
Pine Island, Florida