Select the Best Solution

Good Morning. Thank you for visiting my website on this first day of July. 

Today, we shall examine the final step of the Reflective-Thinking Method of problem solving. We’ve defined the problem, analyzed the problem, established criteria for solving the problem, and generated potential solutions for the problem. Now the group can solve the problem without contention.

To solve the problem, participants evaluate the potential solutions with regard to the previously established criteria. This method makes certain that all potential solutions are given equal consideration and all members can feel comfortable with the final solution. The solution should be a consensus decision. A consensus decision may not be ideal in the eyes of every participant, but it should be one that all members can accept.

A consensus decision is the best solution because all members of the group can live with it, and it gives the group a high level of unity. Often the solution is a combination or adaptation of two or more of the suggested solutions. No one leaves the discussion feeling as if his or her opinions didn’t get considered. Thus, there are no losers.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you’ll consider using the Reflective-Thinking Process to solve group problems in the future. You’ll be a winner!