SCBWI says good-bye to Linda Shute, the woman who put the I in SCBWI. Without the efforts of people like Linda, illustrators would not get the credit they deserve. The Society of Children’s Book Writers wisely added Illustrators to its name. As we all know we do judge a book by its color and illustrations.

I spent the weekend at the SCBWI conference in Orlando. I’ll be sharing more news from there this week.

In the second photo, my husband, Barry Dimick, is talking to Linda Rodriquez Bernfeld. Linda’s parting as the co-director of the Florida SCBWI is bittersweet. We shall miss her, but since I attended a workshop with her, I know she wants to spend more time on her work in progress. I wish her good luck with that. It sounds as if it’s going to be a super book set in Cuba.

My husband, Barry Dimick, finished his memoir and sent it to a publisher. Now he’s venturing into middle-grade fiction. The conference gave him pointers as he makes his move from non-fiction to fiction.

I’m preparing a poetry book to send to a contest.

New beginnings are great. What new adventures are you planning? I’d love to hear.

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