Punching the Air

Thank you for visiting my blog. Ibi Zoboi and Yusef Salaam appeared on the CBS Morning Show yesterday to promote Punching the Air, their new novel in verse. They whet my interest.

When I read the endorsement “Nothing short of a masterwork of humanity,” on the cover attributed to Jason Reynolds, I downloaded the book onto my Nook. Why?

First, Jason Reynolds is my favorite novel in verse author. His books are like potato chips to me. I can’t eat just one.

The second reason I purchased the book is I love and write novels in verse. Consequently, I support other novel in verse authors because as Ibi Zoboi said, “Life is poetry.”

Right now during this coronavirus pandemic and unrest in our country, I find myself somewhat powerless, seeking insight, valuing all life more, questioning the conduct of others, and punching the air.

Words matter. Good poets choose them carefully. The third reason I downloaded Punching the Air, is I was seeking words that speak to me.

Have you ever felt your friends abandoned you when you did or said something controversial? I thought the authors captured the essence of that feeling with the line “… best friend Lucas ghosted me…” The line also seems to capture the crux of what is happening in our country right now as we have split into factions.

Thank you for reading my blog. I’m hoping you’ll read a few novels in verse. Until mine comes out, you might want to start with Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds. It is powerful.