Pandemic Writing

Thank you for visiting my blog. My sanity is being tested today. How are you doing ?

Readers, do you want to read stories or poems with the pandemic setting? Or are you reading to escape daily COVID updates?

Fellow writers, are you torn between writing about your COVID experiences and escaping from them through your pen?

According to my wonderful agent, Joyce Sweeney, editors don’t want manuscripts with COVID themes. But how do we escape the pandemic in our writing, when we worry about getting a vaccine, family members getting the virus, and being quarantined?

Mental health and suicide are themes in my work in progress ✍️ The pandemic has increased awareness of mental health issues, but it has also increased the number of people attempting suicide. How can I avoid the COVID?

Thank you for visiting my blog. I’d love to hear whether you want to read about the scourge plaguing most of our houses.