One Thing Leads to Another

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One thing leads to another after you publish a novel. Whether you publish traditionally or self-publish, typing the end doesn’t end your responsibility to your book. The book won’t sell itself.

On July 24, Barry Dimick and I appeared on 1520 WBZW AM radio. Our host, Mary Flynn,  gave us the opportunity to talk about writing, writing groups, and my recent book, Cat Girl. That interview led to another opportunity.

I wish to thank Nylda Dieppa, Florida Writers Foundation Board of Directors Member, for making it possible for us to share what we learned as we prepared for the face-to-face interview, lessons we learned during the experience, and what we are doing as a follow-up to our radio interview. Why does it matter fellow authors?

Want to boost your visibility and credibility in the book world? Would you be surprised to learn old-fashioned AM/FM radio remains the biggest mass-reach medium in the United States? In fact, more than 90 percent of consumers listen to radio on a weekly basis. Come to the Maitland Library to learn why you can’t afford to ignore the radio interview when building your media platform. On August 8, my husband and I will give tips for radio interviews and discuss our recent two-hour long interview with Mary Flynn of Salem Media’s WBZW1520 AM located in Altamonte Springs. You’ll discover why radio is important to your marketing and receive advice for before you go, during the interview, and what to do following the interview. In the next few days, you can learn more by clicking on My News at

A radio interview could open the door to potential sales. Hope to “See you on the radio” and at the Maitland Library at 6:30 PM on August 8.