Next Step in 2020 Poetic Visions

Thank you for visiting my news. Yesterday, I received a bittersweet invitation from Kevin Campbell, Slam Coordinator of the Florida State Poets Association. What’s sweet is it’s this poet’s dream come true. The problem is it’s in the middle of our country’s worst health scare in one hundred years. A portion of the invitation appears below. Would you attend?

“An event is being planned at The Thin Man Watts Amphitheater, tentatively scheduled for the afternoon of September 19th. It is an outside open air venue and we will be observing CDC protocols for such outdoor events, including mandatory masks with proper and ongoing sanitation. In addition to a poetry slam and an open mic, there will also be a curated poetry reading comprised of only 2020 Poetic Visions Poets. At this event, you are welcome to read your contest entry. The most inspired reading (as chosen by museum personnel) will receive $25. This is not the contest itself, which will be judged by the general public. This is just a way to say an additional thank you to all the artists who submitted work. If you have returned a signed release waiver, you are encouraged to attend both the curated reading and to stick around for the open mic where you can share any poems… If you have books and merchandise you are welcome to bring them for sale. We will have a table set up for participating poets to display them. Thank you again.”