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More Angst

Trying to switch from Tumblr to WordPress. Thank you for your recommendations and patience. By the end of next week, I hope to be up and running with a new blog.


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As I’m reading poems written by our new poet laureate, I can feel her angst. My friend and fellow writer, Cheri L. Roman, recently expressed her disquiet in her newsletter, Brass Rag Press

In the days since my COVID quarantine, my feelings of deep anxiety have frequently made me unable to accomplish what I want to do in my writing. I write to right, but where do I start? Currently, I feel overwhelmed.

While I attempt to rewrite my novel, Semi-Colon Tattoo, I’ll write postcard and other poems. I cannot concentrate on longer works right now. I’m not reading full-length novels because I lose concentration. Are you finding it difficult to concentrate? If so, you might want to try reading short stories, poems, and novellas. Please don’t totally give up on reading because reading makes us empathetic. If there is one thing our world needs right now, it’s empathy.

To understand some people, I’m trying hard to do as Atticus Finch recommends Scout do in To Kill a Mockingbird: climb into their skin and really walk around in it. Reading a book gives me the ability to identify with others. I think it may be the only way I can keep from sinking in despair.

If you need to escape from your reality for a while, I suggest burying yourself in a good book. 

Good Morning,

New in my life today: a new poet laureate. I loved Joy Harjo, but I’m happy to read new poetry anthologies. I just ordered Ada Limon’s “The Carrying:Poems.” Have you read any of her works?

It’s also the month for reading postcard poems. Consider participating in the Postcard Festival next year.

Thank you for my blog 😊


Thank you for visiting My News. I’ve decided it’s time to change my blog. I’ll still write to right wrongs and discuss my upcoming works and passions, but I plan to incorporate ideas for reading and writing to improve my follower’s moods and enable them to be more empathetic–two of my goals in this stress-inducing world.

Step one is to change my blog title from My News to something more engaging. The two titles I’m mulling over are GrowingUp and UnmaskingSmiles. Do you find either of these portmanteaus engaging?

What is your favorite blog host?

Have an interesting day.

I’m Back

Thank you for visiting My News. I’ve had a harrowing few months returning to my childhood home following Mother’s death and burial, but I’m home and back at my computer.

This morning, I wrote a review of my friend, Linda Kraus’s chapbook, POPCORN ICONS AND OTHER POEMS CELEBRATING MOVIES. If you love movies, I highly recommend Linda’s book. If you love poetry, I highly recommend this book, if you’re a poet trying to compile a book of poetry, this book is a must-read model. Every poems belongs in the book. Ms. Kraus crafted this eighty-five-page opus masterfully.

The first time I read POPCORN ICONS, I read it for enjoyment. Now I plan to re-read it as a model for compiling my quilting chapbook.

Thank you for reading My News.

Thank you for visiting My News. I was super excited to purchase TITLE IX stamps, especially during this time when it feels as if women’s rights are in danger.

Right now, there is a movement to make pronouns more inclusive. I support all efforts to make people comfortable in their own skin. Throughout my teaching career, I championed following one’s conscience. I shall continue to do so. My choice is to use she and her as my pronouns because I’m still fighting for equity.

Choosing a Cover

Thank you for visiting My News. One part of publishing a book is selecting a cover. Often the author has little or no voice in this part of the publishing process. I am lucky because Dr. Custureri of Taylor and Seale Publishing allows me a say in the process.

Do any of these covers inspire you to read Broken?

Thank you for visiting My News.


Good Morning,

Exciting news! Taylor and Seale will publish my novel in verse.

From the moment I read Madeleine Kuderick’s book Kiss of Broken Glass, I knew it was the genre I wanted to write. Subsequently, I read Jason Reynold’s Long Way Down, cementing my decision.

I set to work writing my novel. The working title was What Lies Beneath, but it morphed into Broken.

As I worked on my manuscript, I pictured a girl swinging on a rope swing hanging from a live oak tree, daydreaming about escaping from her life. If you’ve ever dreamed of escaping, you’ll relate to Riley.

Thank you for visiting My News. More about the how and why of Broken to come.

Whether for the songs or the story of AnnieLee, consider reading Run Rose Run by Dolly Parton and James Patterson.

Happy Easter/Passover

Thank you for visiting My News. Wishing you a peaceful day.

If you wish to connect with me, please do not send messages on Facebook PM. Go to and click on Contact Melody. Thank you.

Sadly, this is my first Easter without Mother. In this photo, she is holding my book, Blame. This was at my last book signing in Plattsburgh, NY, before COVID.

Thank you for visiting My News. Enjoy Easter with family.

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