My Favorite Things

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Although I’m not rich like Oprah, I have favorite things, including book chats, quilting, my husband’s photography, the color purple, the blues and greens found in oceans, polka dots, playing Pickleball and pinochle, writing poetry to right wrongs, the #Me Too Movement, and birds–especially flying geese. Yes, I’ve been called a bird. So be it.

My work in progress incorporates many of these favorites. I’m in the step of revising my quilters’s sampler of poems. Although I’m petrified of contracting COVID, I must leave the house we are renovating to complete research for my book. SOON. I hate doing research during a pandemic as much as I hated ice skating when I was a child living in the cold Adirondack Mountain Region of New York.

What are your favorite things? What has COVID forced you to do that you hate?

Happy New Year! Thank you for visiting My News. By the way, the quilt in this post was one a former student posted on Facebook.