Mother to Mother

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Most of my followers know I’m a wife, Mother, former teacher, and writer of Young Adult novels and poetry. Usually, I’m discussing my works in progress or seeking advice in My News. Today, I’d like to share some excellent advice I received from a fellow mother and teacher when my son was a baby. The advice is in response to concerns voiced by mothers faced with the choice of sending their children to school or attempting another year of virtual school.

I agree that students need an education. They need teachers. Most learn better in the traditional school situation. Being isolated is no fun. BUT. COVID is deadly. If you fear your child will fall behind his or her classmates, fear no more.

Why do I say that? The advice I received from a fellow teacher. She said, “Don’t send a child to school at the earliest possible moment. Children need time to mature before sitting in a classroom. There’s a lifetime to work.” 

We’re all in the same pandemic. Others are unlikely to advance faster. Be sure your child is safe. When the pandemic is over, there will be plenty of time for a formal education. In the meantime, read together, visit outdoor museums, attend virtual classes, go to national parks, plant a garden, cook together, and enjoy each other’s company.

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