It’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day and National Bootlegging Day

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Enjoy the holiday, preferably avoiding huge crowds and parades. Martin Luther King Jr’s family has asked those wanting to honor him to do so by fighting for voting rights. I applaud them. I think he would have too. Our right to vote is one of our most precious rights. It is also a serious responsibility. We must support legislation to protect it if we want to live in a democracy.

I celebrate Dr. King’s peaceful protests and powerful speeches. As a Communication 101 instructor at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, my students and I analyzed his “I Have a Dream” speech. This powerful speech is my favorite speech. By studying his references to religion, repetition, parallelism, and rhythm speakers can learn how to capture and hold the attention of an audience.

Today is also National Bootlegger’s Day. I’ve been fascinated by Prohibition my entire life because my family was impacted by a bootlegger. During Prohibition, a major route from New York City to Canada passed by my family’s home. My dad’s sister was hit and killed by a bootlegger. The accident created a rift in my family that was never mended. I do not celebrate bootleggers or any other smugglers. Instead, I salute Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.

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