It’s Hispanic Heritage Month

Good Morning,

Thank you for visiting My News. Today is the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month. Whether you consider the United States a melting pot or a salad bowl, it would be difficult to deny the contributions of Spanish speaking people to our country and Florida go beyond tacos and the cigar industry.

I frequently use literary allusions in my writing. In my current work in progress, I refer to a poem written by one of my favorite hispanic writers, Gary Soto. Gary Soto is best know for his poetry and short stories.

If like me, the pandemic has made you antsy and shortened your attention span, you may prefer reading shorter work of literature to sagas. I suggest you turn to essays, short stories, and poems for your reading pleasure. Sotos Baseball in April, Petty Crimes, and You Kiss by th’ Book: New Poems from Shakespeare’s Line, are available at Barnes and Noble and

Happy reading. Thank you for visiting My News.