In addition to playing pickleball and pinochle together, Barry and I belong to the same writers group. We help each other by critiquing, editing, and attending conference together. We even did a two-hour radio interview with Mary Flynn, a fellow Florida Writer and radio host. After that, we spoke for Nylda Dieppa’s Maitland FWA writers group about our experience. 

A misconception many people have is that authors write books and then sit back and wait for royalties. In the world run by Amazon, to be successful, one must do more than write a good book to get sales. If you want to write for a living, consider learning techniques for marketing, but there’s one technique we should forego. 

Many will tell you a good handshake is important in business, and writing is a business. But I think it’s time to reconsider shaking hands. The coronavirus is a clear and present danger around the globe. Let’s face it. Not everyone washes their hands to the tune of Happy Birthday. Ever wonder how many hands the person shaking hands with you shook before he or she offered a hand to you? 

Consider replacing a handshake with a polite bow. It’s a courtesy, a sign of respect, and it will save you from those who squeeze your hand hard enough to bruise your fingers by pinching a finger against a ring. 

Stay safe. If you decide to shake hands, wash them as soon as you do, or do as Jacob, the main character of Blame does, keep hand sanitizer in your pocket. Go through life with a loving, lovable partner and spend time together. Jacob has Dallas (Squirrel). I have Barry.

One final morsel of advice. If you haven’t started keeping a journal, start now.