I’m a Lucky Poet and Wife

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Love flowers? Poet Emily Dickinson was known more for her gardening than her poetry during her lifetime. At a time in history when it was frowned upon for women to work outside the home, it was deemed acceptable for ladies to collect and study nature. Emily’s strict father even had a glass conservatory built for the poetess and her younger sister, Lavinia. 

I, too, am a poet, but I lack Emily’s knowledge of flowers. I just like them. As I posted on Facebook recently, I’m not fond of what she called “A narrow fellow in the grass” either. 

Other than poetry, we have little in common. I’m known more for teaching than for writing right now, and I’m not a spinster. I’m married to a gentle man who loves flowers, nature, photography, and sports. Stories of what happened to her relationship with the man she loved are sketchy.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the names of many of the flowers in my new backyard, and my photography lacks skill. This morning I told my husband, memoirist, Barry Dimick, I was heading to the backyard to snap a photo of the flower the previous owner had planted. My plan was to post the photo on Facebook to see if anyone could identify it.  

Barry accompanied me and held the flower up to make it easier for me to capture the bloom. It’s wonderful to have a husband with many of my interests and the ability to proofread. 

Enjoy day 13 of Women’s History Month. I plan to shop for a few more flowers and a birdbath.