Hull House

Remember studying about Hull House in history class? Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr opened the settlement house in 1889. What did it do? Do we need another Hull House? A few Hull Houses?

According to the Hull House museum’s website, the Hull House provided a residence, a kindergarten, and day care facilities for the children of working mothers. It also provided an employment bureau, an art gallery, libraries, English classes, citizenship classes, and classes for theater, music, and art. 

Whether you are an advocate of the President’s wall or a supporter of sanctuary cities, you must admit we have a problem with immigration in our country–legal and illegal immigration. What can we do to help immigrants become productive citizens? How do we help immigrants achieve the American Dream?

I write to let young adults know they are not alone with their problems. I also write to right wrongs. Is what is happening in our cities wrong? Are we doing all we can to create productive American citizens?

Why do you write?

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