Help from a Facebook Friend

Good Morning,

I’m sociable–a talker. I love to talk to friends and acquaintances. Afterall, an acquaintance could become a friend, but the pandemic has made talking to friends in person difficult. I’ve had to turn to Facebook.

Lucky, for me, one of my acquaintances, Stephanie, has become a wonderful Facebook friend. A few days ago she posted a picture of her daughter, Roxy, at a skateboard park. Roxy appeared to be totally engaged in her chosen sport–perfect–inspiring.

I’d been trying to choose an inexpensive sport for my main character in my work in progress. The picture of Roxy inspired me to contact her mom and request permission to interview her via email to see if she wanted to be the inspiration for a character in my book.

Roxy answered all my questions. She was a great source of first-hand skateboarding knowledge. The answers she provided will guide me as I write. Right now it is too dangerous for me to go to a skate park. (Many young people don’t wear face masks, and I’m a diabetic.)

It appears skateboarders do wear other protective equipment, including certified pads, wrist gear, and helmets. Roxy told me skateboarders choose many colors and designs to reflect their personalities. Hopefully, I’ll be able to capture Roxy’s spirit through the answers to the questions she provided.

Like seatbelts and helmets, face masks help us stay healthy. Unlike donning seatbelts and helmets, your wearing a mask protects others as well as you. Please wear a mask to help us all stay safe.

As we approach Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for my Facebook friend, Stephanie, and her daughter, Roxy. Without them my young adult novel would be stalled. What are you thankful for today?