Have a nice weekend

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It’s Good Friday. As I remember back from my youth, it almost always rained on Good Friday. Today will be no exception here in Florida. 

Additionally, I remember my Catholic neighbors were not allowed to talk in the afternoon on Good Friday. It made playing difficult, and we were home on a holiday from school. 

Good Catholics could not eat meat on Fridays during Lent. Our school served fish burgers or fish sticks on Fridays during the time period. I told my dad I was glad I was Methodist because I didn’t like fish. He said, “It wouldn’t hurt you to sacrifice a little.” Times were different then.

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Before I leave you for your holiday, anyone else decide it was time to check the precise meaning of redacted/redaction? I did. 

The online dictionary gives the following two definitions: “The process of editing text for publication,“ and "the censoring or obscuring of part of a text for legal or security purposes.” Should the Mueller Report have been redacted? I’d love to hear your opinions.