Happy Veteran’s Day Weekend

Thank you to all our veterans for paying the price of our freedom. Veteran’s Day is very special to me. Six days after Barry and I got married, he went to Vietnam. I spent many anxious days and sleepless night waiting for his return. Millions of other wives and girlfriends paused daily to pray for the return of their spouses or loved one.

Not all the soldiers returned. Not all the wives and girlfriends stayed true. Many “Dear-John letters” broke soldiers’ hearts. My blog today celebrates those women and men who stayed behind praying and making a home for their soldiers. 

Many of the soldiers didn’t look or act the same way as they had looked and acted before they left. Many lovers dealt with veterans with severe injuries, physical and mental. Many lovingly nursed their soldiers back to health. This post is dedicated to those left behind who opened their arms to returning veterans–wives, mothers, husbands, and girlfriends or boyfriends. Thank you for standing by your man or woman. You deserve a thank you for your service to our nation.