Happy Thanksgiving


Thank you for visiting My News. May you be reminded of what you are thankful for today. Today and always I am grateful for my copy editor, Beth Mansbridge, my literary agent, Joyce Sweeney, and my small, but loving family. 

Unfortunately, Covid-19 keeps us apart at Thanksgiving. But I’m blessed with reminders of them such as this work of art my son painted to illustrate the serenity of the Adirondack Mountain Range and my favorite Chateaugay Lake in New York State, the settings of my Silent Series (above).

A little later, I’ll have a cup of the coffee my husband, Barry, lovingly prepared last night so that when I got up in the morning, all I had to do was plug in the pot, and enjoy a cup of his special blend. My creative juices are often jump started by a cup of his coffee. The photography and other works of art Barry, our friends, and other relatives created also inspire me. I appreciate these gifts.

This year I acquired the elusive literary agent. She’s a treasure. I’m praying Joyce will help me sell my novel in verse, What Lies Beneath.

At my request, my son painted a representation of my main character, Riley. Like the younger me, Riley likes to sit on a swing, look up at the sky, interpret the clouds, and daydream. Currently, I’m dreaming of a panacea to sweep us off our feet and end the coronavirus. Yes, I’m a romantic. I love romantic fantasy, dreams coming true, the American Dream, and checking items off my bucket list.

I’m thankful Barry’s memoir, Second Son: Growing Up in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom was published this year and is doing well on Amazon and in Vermont bookstores, and relieved and appreciative we have a new-to-us house to renovate and make our own. My current conundrum is deciding where and how to hang the swing I purchased on a trip to St. Augustine a couple years ago. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy looking as this one my son created to illustrate Riley.

Finally, I thank God for the special people in my life–my readers, Facebook friends, college roommate, Marie Ginter and her husband, Addie, and the followers of My News. Have a peaceful day.