Happy Father’s Day to my husband and fellow writer, Barry Andrew Dimick. Barry’s parenting skills remind me of those of Andy Griffith, Opie’s Dad, on the Andy Griffith Show. He taught our son to fish, play tennis, and play baseball. He is still a great role model.

Who is your favorite father in literature? Atticus Finch is mine. He makes me think of my father, Albert Dean. Like Atticus, my dad taught me not to judge others until I’d walked in their shoes. 

Dad appears in the photo with the memory quilt I made for him. Photos of Dad and our family appear on the quilt. I pray he is resting in peace because he was a hard-working man and a great father.

In my book, Blame, Jacob’s father goes through a mid-life crisis. His actions create the conflict. Jacob struggles to keep his family whole. Please read the book and tell me if you think he is a good or bad role model.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in our lives. Thank you for visiting My News.