Good Morning,

Thank you for visiting my site. If you are here because you read on my Facebook page that I’d give you more information about this year’s collections contest, thank you. Illusions is the theme. You must write a short piece to the theme. You may write an essay, short story, or poem. Your genre choice may be fiction or non-fiction. In fact, you may write two pieces. I usually write one prose piece and one poem. My husband, Barry Dimick, usually writes something based on his life experiences. 

Follow this link for complete details and guidelines.

Keep your entry short. Read and follow the guidelines. Fiction, non-fiction, essays
(maximum: 1,200 words), and poetry (maximum 50 lines). The contest is open to Florida Writers Association members, but you don’t have to live in Florida. You may pay membership dues online from the Florida Writers site. 

Good luck!