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Suffering from COVID fatigue? My shamrock sure is. Seriously, if you have a green thumb, I’d love advice on how to renew my shamrock to its former beauty. It is a very special plant because it was given to me by my son. I’m not sure if I under or over watered it.

Sometimes people suffer from stress or abuse. The characters in the book I’m in the process of revising meet in a hospital. Like my shamrock, they are in danger. 

The title of my work in progress is Semicolon Tattoo. Semicolons are frowned upon by publishers. Some say their use makes the author appear arrogant. The punctuation marks tells the reader, the sentence isn’t over. It says, “Go on.” Semicolon tattoos symbolize the wearer plans to go on with life, despite struggles. 

Thank you for visiting My News. If you know how, please tell me how I can urge it to go on. How can I save my shamrock?