Good Morning,

Thank you for visiting my blog. As most of you know, I’m a former teacher and student. I enjoyed my school days on both sides of the desk, but I saw examples of injustice. Luckily, I was rarely the victim of injustice, but it ate at me when I witnessed bias and unfair treatment of students.

When I started writing, I tried to subtly bring wrongs to the light. I’ve decided the time for subtly has passed. I must be less understated and more forceful with my message. Black Live Matter. Women making eighty cents for every dollar a man makes, human trafficking, and White Supremacy Riots are wrong. Treating the rich better than the poor and working-class Americans is wrong. Breaking laws is wrong. I believe we must work through the legislatures in our communities, states, and federal governments to change what is not just.

For those reasons, I’m working with a UCF student to change my logo. It will be on face masks and on my other advertising materials. What do you think? Do you like this logo? I welcome comments on my site at Please click on Contact Melody. Thank you for your help.

Stay safe.