Good Morning,

One thing many beginning writers and readers don’t know is that the publisher, not the author, chooses the cover for a book. My publisher, Taylor and Seale Publishing, sends me a page in my contract asking me what my vision of the cover is. Sometimes the final cover looks like my vision more than other times.

The first line of No Parents Allowed is, “Katy sat as motionless as an eternal rose in a glass dome, suffocating. 

I think illustrator, Chris Holmes, captured the opening line of my book, do you?

As an author, be prepared to provide a description of what you want as a cover for your book. Stick to one to three colors. Be sure there is plenty of white space. People judge a book by its cover.

In the time of the Coronavirus, I often feel trapped in a dome, but I know it’s for my own good. How would you describe your feelings during the quarantine?