Enjoy a Safe Labor Day Weekend

Good morning. Thank you for visiting My News. Happy Labor Day. Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays because I believe in the importance of the American workers. Working gives us worth.

American workers create the products I relish. Today, I salute the workers who make up our middle class and thank the laborers some might call the lower class.

We’ve all heard of Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie, Sam Walton, and Henry Ford, but have you heard of Kate Mullaney, Eugene B. Debs, Samuel Gompers, Matthew Wendel, or Mary Harris? The stories of working men and women tend to be forgotten or considered less important than the stories of the wealthy. They shouldn’t be.

If you work for wages, consider learning more about men and women who founded labor unions. Read Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle or listen to the audio book, Triangle: The Fire that Changed America by David Von Drehle, try a recipe from Matthew Wendel’s Recipes from the Ranch, Google “Mother Jones” on the internet, or visit the Kate Mullany House in Troy, New York.

Celebrate Labor!