Ekphrastic Poetry Honor

Congratulations! One of your poems has qualified for the next step in the DeLand Museum of Art’s 2020 Poetic Visions Competition! Your poem will be displayed alongside the artwork which inspired it in a special art exhibit beginning on or around August 21st at the museum. The visiting public will be able to vote on the artwork and poem combination they are most inspired by. The poems that garner the most votes will be awarded first, second and third place. In addition, your poem will be published in an anthology commemorating the exhibit and your literary excellence. A waiver will be sent to you in the coming weeks to facilitate the printing of your poem. At that time, the entry that qualified will be revealed to you. If you are able, please try to attend all events related to the exhibit. However, because of the pandemic, those event dates may change. You will be notified of any changes. Thank you again for your participation and good luck in the exhibition!
Kevin CampbellSlam Coordinator
MainStreet Art & Culture Slam of DeLand
Creative Happiness Institute
Florida State Poets Association