Day 2 Black History Month Faves

Good Morning,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Do you consider song lyrics poetry? I do. Some poems inspire me more than others. The same is true of songs. Living up to my name wasn’t always easy, but I love music ? I wrote the lyrics to a song and a friend composed the music for my book, Backpack Blues.

Today, I’m paying tribute to Chubby Checker. I have fond memories of his song “Let’s Twist” from both my teenage years when I couldn’t afford to attend a concert and a couple of years ago when he entertained a crowd at the Volusia County Fair.

What I love about Chubby is his enthusiasm. He conveyed his love of music, dancing, and entertaining. He is a walking/singing example of doing a job you love. He invited attendees to join him on stage and came out into the crowd of mostly senior citizens and danced. Some had canes. Others had walkers. He made them all smile ?

Thank you, Chubby Checker, for your contributions to my life. Thank you, followers, for visiting my blog.