Crown of Thorns

Robert Frost once wrote a poem titled “Dust of Snow” praising a crow for shaking a dust of snow on him and changing his mood. The poem came to my mind this morning when I walked outside my door and our crown of thorns plant displayed a single beautiful pink flower.

Since COVID, life isn’t as pleasant as it used to be. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to be a Pollyanna. I have trouble writing to right when there is so much wrong in the world. The small flower on the plant saved me today. In these days when worldly troubles and conflicts create near constant hostility, it helps to turn to nature.

If you’ve had your quotient of emotion and you’re having trouble concentrating on your writing, let nature heal your soul. Walk in your garden, drive to the ocean or a nearby river, watch squirrels playing in a backyard tree, or welcome birds to feed in your front yard. Nature may “give your heart a change of mood” as it did mine.

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