Criteria for Solutions

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Thank you for visiting my site. If like me you have a question of policy to solve and have decided to use the reflective-thinking process to solve it, after defining the problem and writing a question of policy, the next step is to establish criteria or standards to guide your group in deciding precisely what the solutions must achieve and any factors that might limit the choice of solutions. 

If for example you were dealing with a question of policy such as: 

What measures should schools take to deal with reopening in light of the coronavirus?

Would the criteria have to meet budget guidelines? 

Would the solution have to come into force before a certain date?

Would the solution have to be uniform across the country, state, or county?

Would the solution have to be safe for both students, teachers, bus drivers, other personnel, and their families?

If I were trying to decide what measures I should take to deal with my need to choose a new home, solutions for my criteria would include a price maximum, square feet, lot size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size of kitchen, need for a formal dining room, wall space for bookcases, a place to plant a garden, a place for writing,  minimal or no home owners association fees, proximity to a hospital, grocery stores, and pickleball courts, and most importantly nearness to family.  

As you can see, the criteria or standards on which a judgment or decision can be based should guide the group to eliminate potential troubles in making the best choice later. 

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