Good Morning,

Happy to say my husband, Barry Dimick’s memoir, Second Son: Growing Up in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom is a Semi-Finalist in the 2021 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition. Congratulations, Barry.

Ironically, I planned to talk about the importance of revision today because I believe it is key to the success of a writer. Since we live and work together, I’m aware of the number of revisions Barry made to make his manuscript shine.

Right now, I am participating in an August postcard festival. Poets must write a different ekphrastic poem daily based on the image on the front of the postcard. The poems are to be spontaneous.

With ekphrastic poetry writers respond to a work of art, often in vivid detail. I love to write based on a prompt and I love art, but I’m not comfortable with writing in a stream-of-consciousness style that does not allow for revision.

What’s your style? Hope revision is part of your writing routine. It can lead to success.

Thank you for visiting My News. If you’re interested in reading Barry’s memoir, it’s available on Amazon.