Choosing a cover is no easy step. My publisher sent this potential cover to me last night. See a problem on the front page? If you said my pen name is incorrect, you are correct. I write under the name Melody Dean Dimick. I didn’t notice the missing portion of my name until this morning.

This is the play version Dr. Mary Custureri asked me to write based on my RPLA-award-winning Backpack Blues. Taylor and Seale Publishing asked me to add a second part, so it could be used in the classroom to teach poetry, and it became Backpack Blues: Ignite the Fire Within. That version won a Daytona Writers Guild Excellence in Arts award. The screen shot is of the newest version of Backpack Blues, a three-act play with the title Ain’t It a Shame. This version will be published soon.

My publisher is still working on the back cover. The picture of me she wants to use hasn’t been accepted. I’m thinking it’s pre-coronavirus hair. Have a safe weekend. Thank you for visiting my blog.