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Thank you for visiting My News. Censorship has reared its ugly head again, but did it backfire? I think so.

When Tennessee removed the Pulitzer-Prize winning graphic novel about the Holocaust from the shelves of public schools, sales surged. In fact, I’ve ordered and paid for a copy of Maus, but shipment has been delayed. I wanted to read and critique the book. I’ll have to wait.

What I can criticize is censorship by the state. The First Amendment Freedom of Speech should not be denied. If students don’t learn to be critical readers, our society is in trouble.

The question is, did Tennessee do author, Art Spiegelman a favor? Sales have skyrocketed. People know the name of his book. Writers and students are rushing to purchase copies. Perhaps, he’s laughing all the way to the bank while people are rushing to purchase copies of naked mice. Oh, wait. Aren’t all mice, except Mickey and Minnie unclothed?

Just musing. Should our leaders do a little more thinking?

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