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Time to Enter

The Florida Writers Foundation Colors of the Holidays deadline is approaching. Go to the FWF website and enter your 40-line poem or 1000-or-fewer word holiday story in our contest. Your entry will help us provide grants to promote literacy. If your poem or prose work wins the contest you could win $125. ,

Support a Local Author

Books Make Great Gifts

Fellow writers, consider purchasing a book from a fellow author this holiday season. I did yesterday, and I clicked follow.

A great gift for me would be a review. If you read any of my books, I’d love for you to write a short review. I’m sure other authors would love a review.

Did you know readers are more empathetic than non-readers? Consider purchasing books for the children and curmudgeonly on your list.

Happy Holidays. Peace.

Working with New Computer

Wish me luck! Thank you.

Hope you’ll enter the Chrissy Jackson Colors of the Holidays contest. We’re still working on the Florida Writers Foundation Website, but it will be ready to use soon.


If you have them, record them.


Natascha Biebow, author of The Crayon Man, says her favorite color is periwinkle blue because “it makes her heart sing.” This purple/blue color is calming.

Purple, my favorite color, represents rebellion. (Mother said, “Only floozies wear purple.”)

I disagree with Mother. Purple represents royalty. Mardi Gras revelers don purple and green beads to celebrate the last day of feasting before Lent.

What is your favorite color? Do you associate it with a holiday?

If so, consider writing a short story or poem. Enter your work in the 2024 Chrissy Jackson Colors of the Holidays contest.


What holiday will you choose? What memory will you share? What color will you incorporate?


The Florida Writer Foundation’s 2024 Chrissy Jackson Colors of the Holidays writing contest requires participants to write to the theme of both colors and a holiday/holidays.

For an excellent example of writing a poem incorporating a color, read Helen Pruitt Wallace’s “Pink Streets” in the November/December 2023 issue of the Florida State Poets Association’s Of Poets & Poetry.


I’ve been losing my posts since I’ve switched to Word Press. This is just a test. Don’t you hate tests? I prefer contests. Speaking of contests, please watch my blog and the Florida Writers Foundation website for details about this year’s FWF Chrissy Jackson Colors of the Holidays writing contest.

What’s your favorite holiday? What tastes, smells, and colors do you associate with the holiday? Why?

Colors of the Holidays

Exciting news! The Florida Writers Foundation will be hosting the Chrissy Jackson “Colors of the Holidays” writing contest this year. Watch this blog for details.

Broken Wins Award

Who would believe it? My COVID scars led to my award-winning book Broken. Before the pandemic, the work in progress title for Broken was What Lies Beneath. When I was shopping the book to publishers, I was struggling with COVID repercussions and realized I wasn’t the only one shattered. I decided it was time to change the title of the book.

Apparently, the new title worked for others too. Broken won a Bronze Medal at the Florida Authors and Publishers Conference this month.

If you’ve felt damaged by our world since the coronavirus pandemic, consider ordering and reading Broken. Readers from thirteen to eighty can relate to this book.

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