Set in Central Florida, Broken tells the story of Riley Barrie, a high school senior, living within the confines of her survivalist father’s chain-link fence. Riley battles both the effects war has had on her father and the harassment of the bullies who plague her on the bus and at school. As she struggles to lose weight and be accepted by her new classmates, her feelings for Dante, the other school loner, turn to fantasies and blind affection. Will her romantic interest in Dante break her and change her life forever?
Climb the squeaky steps and open the door into Riley’s world….

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Here’s what folks are saying about Broken:

Melody Dean Dimick’s novel is mandatory reading for young adults. Its skillfully-crated verse tale of a trapped, bullied, lonely girl who ultimately succeeds will resonate and give hope to readers who will identify with her victimization and cheer for her triumph. Dimick understands the cruelty and horror often found in today’s schools and vividly recreates that world.

-Linda Kraus, author, film critic, professor of Cinema Studies

Melody Dimick’s years of teaching gave her insights into the harsh realities many teens face. Using powerful poetry, Broken lets the reader feel its characters’ angst and turmoil as they struggle to find their place in the world.

-Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt, middle grade author
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