Analyze the Problem

Good Morning,

Thank you for visiting my blog. In this time of the Coronavirus, many of us have problems. It is my suggestion that we turn to the reflective-thinking method to solve problems. My last post suggested beginning a discussion with a question of policy. The second step to solving a problem with this method is to analyze the problem.

When analyzing the problem, it is key that participants analyze how severe the problem is. Members of the group must investigate the scope of the problem. To do this,  group members must determine how many people it affects. Is it a local, national, or global problems?

Next participants must discuss what would happen if the problem is not resolved, the cause of the problem, and the history of the problem. Learn what factors played a part in the rise of the problem, and its major causes. Research so you understand the problem before trying to solve it.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Stay safe. Try to be the answer to the problems you deal with on a daily basis.